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久しぶりYahoo USのOddly Enoughにいったら、次の面白ニュースがあった。

New York man loses shirt in topless bar

Thu May 20, 1:09 PM ET

NEW YORK (AFP) - A New York insurance executive is suing a Manhattan strip club after a champagne-fuelled night of lap-dancing left him nursing a 28,000-dollar bill.

In a lawsuit filed Wednesday, Mitchell Blaser, 53, said the management at the Scores club had added bogus charges to his American Express bill, which he claimed should have been in the region of 2,000 dollars. (以下略)

lose shirt はslangで To lose everything one has or owns. つまり「みぐるみはがされる」ということはわかったが、nursing a 28,000-dollar bill の nurse の意味がわからない。

ネットで調べたらわかるだろうと軽く考えていたが OneLookでも、他のスラング辞典でも見つからない。ふと、このサイトに来る人の中で知っている人がいないかな、と思った。

だれか、この nurse の意味しりませんか? 普通のニュース何だから、普通に使われている言葉のはず。でも辞書に載っていない。読み込みが悪いのかもしれませんが。。。どなたか知ってたら教えて下さい。


追記 (2004/07/03) - Nurseの意味がわかった


The reference to nursing in the story about the unfortunate gentleman with the $28,000 strip-club bill is not a very common usage, but basically it alludes to tending something that hurts. I think that a $28,000 bar tab would hurt quite a bit. One can also nurse a sore foot, or nurse a damaged ego, or even nurse a drink at the local bar, which actually refers to consuming it slowly rather than any sort of pain.



To treat carefully, especially in order to prevent pain: He nursed his injured knee by shifting his weight to the other leg.



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